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Systems Integration Engineer 5 position available at University of California San Diego

Posted by Noni Ledford on 01/08/2020 22:21 UTC

JOB TITLE: Systems Integration Engineer 5
INSTITUTION: University of California San Diego
JOB LOCATION: San Diego, California

JOB SUMMARY: As a highly skilled member of the campus’ research IT systems integration team, across the academic/research enterprise: Designs, develops and creates complex and comprehensive, end-to-end technology solutions for research labs across all campus departments/divisions/schools. Develops applications and system control software to support demos and proofs of concept to funding agencies. Provides an advanced level of in-depth consultation and in-depth collaboration on complex systems to researchers, labs and academic department staff on digital technologies and their integration. Facilitates rapid creation of prototypes/proofs of concepts for systems in support of grant proposals.