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HPC Specialist and Director position available at the Doane Center for Computing in the Liberal Arts (CCLA)

Posted by Noni Ledford on 01/09/2020 21:44 UTC

JOB TITLE: HPC Specialist and Director
INSTITUTION: Doane University
JOB LOCATION: Crete, Nebraska

JOB SUMMARY: The position will be responsible for enabling both existing and emerging high performance computing solutions, and to advance research computing initiatives through direct technical support and training of Doane faculty and students. In addition, this position will manage the Doane Center for Computing in the Liberal Arts (CCLA). The CCLA provides training and support for faculty and students across the entire College of Arts and Sciences who wish to use computing in their classes or research projects. The CCLA manager is responsible for recruiting and training student workers. The position will report to a faculty member in the Science division.