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Jetstream: Emergency Atmosphere maintenance 6/16/20 2-3 EDT to fix network issues

Outage start
06/16/2020 14:00 EDT
Anticipated end
06/16/2020 15:00 EDT
Outage type
Partial outage

Update 1

Posted by Brian Beck on 06/16/2020 20:26 UTC

UPDATE: Normal Jetstream operations resumed.
Jetstream Atmosphere has returned to normal operation at 3pm EDT, per the scheduled announcement.

Original post

Posted by Brian Beck on 06/16/2020 17:56 UTC

The maintenance will suspend the Atmosphere service (both the backend and UI) in order to resolve networking issues.

Existing running instances launched by Atmosphere will continue to run, but during the maintenance, no new instances can be started, stopped, or resumed. This will resolve the networking issues from Atmosphere, including intermittent connections to the openstack APIs and imaging. It should also shorten deployment times, particularly on the TACC cloud.