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XSEDE Webinar: Python and Performance

Start date
07/07/2020 14:00 EDT
End date
07/07/2020 15:00 EDT
Posted by Susan Mehringer on 06/26/2020 19:19 UTC

XSEDE Webinar: Python and Performance

July 7, 2020 14:00-15:00 EDT

XSEDE, along with the Cornell University Center for Advanced Computing, is pleased to present Python and Performance. This webinar was first delivered on 5/28/2020; it is offered again due to oversubscription.


Python is a very popular programming language for scientific computing, but since Python programs are interpreted, they are inherently slower than equivalent code written in compiled languages. A wide variety of packages, tools, and strategies have been developed over the years to overcome this limitation, to support both the development of hybrid codes that combine interpreted and compiled pieces, and the construction of parallel codes that leverage multiple computing resources concurrently. This 30-minute webinar followed by Q & A will provide an overview of some of these approaches, to help point users toward different solutions that might work best for their particular codes. The webinar is intended as an introduction and complement to online training materials in the Cornell Virtual Workshop that address these issues in greater detail (, and will be delivered in a Jupyter notebook that is available in an accompanying repository (