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SDSC Expanse Early User Program

Posted by Mahidhar Tatineni on 09/03/2020 21:28 UTC

SDSC is happy to announce that the Expanse Early User Program (EUP) is now accepting applications. The EUP provides an opportunity for users to port, tune and optimize applications on SDSC’s upcoming Expanse supercomputer and to use the time for progress of their scientific goals.

The Expanse EUP is expected to begin late September and will last for 30 days. During the EUP, users will have access to the full application and software library stack to build and test their applications, user support, and related documentation. The Expanse filesystems are separate from the Comet filesystems and data mover nodes will be available to support data transfer between these systems.

Access to the Expanse EUP will be granted via a lightweight proposal submitted via the XSEDE allocations system ( If you have an existing XSEDE grant, access to the Early User Program will available via a request action called Early User Program, visible as a request action under your approved requests. If you don’t have an existing XSEDE grant, access to the Early User Program will be through an XSEDE startup allocation request. Please note that the Expanse CPU nodes and the Expanse GPU nodes are allocated as separate resources and must be requested individually. In addition, all requests must include an Expanse Projects Storage request.

Details on the Expanse EUP and requirements are available here:

Please email if you have any questions.