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UPDATE: TACC Jetstream cloud experiencing network issues to instances

Outage start
12/31/2020 21:33 EST
Anticipated end
01/01/2021 23:59 EST
Outage type
Partial outage

Update 3

Posted by Mark Brueschke on 01/01/2021 18:48 UTC

Jetstream and other services are back on line as of 12 noon (CST) on Friday, January 1 2021

Update 2

Posted by Jeremy Fischer on 01/01/2021 03:23 UTC

Last update for the evening — it will likely be into tomorrow before service is restored to the TACC cloud.

When service is restored, instances will likely need to be restarted.

XSEDE User News will be updated once service is restored.

Update 1

Posted by Jeremy Fischer on 01/01/2021 02:58 UTC

TACC engineers have diagnosed the issue as a power event, possibly tied to the winter storm there today. Apparently a large portion of the UT campus lost power.

Some infrastructure is on and TACC engineers are working on bringing all of the TACC Jetstream cloud back online. It may take some time before all nodes are restored. The engineers will want to ensure power is stable before bringing all nodes online.

We will update this news item as more information becomes available.

Original post

Posted by Jeremy Fischer on 01/01/2021 02:33 UTC

The TACC Jetstream cloud is having issues with networking access to instances. The extent of the issue is not known at this time.

It appears that all instances are still running just not reachable.

TACC engineers have been alerted and will be responding shortly.

The IU Jetstream cloud is not affected. Atmosphere is still active, but TACC instances cannot be reached or altered (stopped, rebooted, etc) at this time.

We will update this as soon as we have more information.

Thank you,
The Jetstream Staff