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Jumpstart Your Sustainability Plan: Free Virtual Mini-Course for All!

Posted by Nayiri Mullinix on 01/07/2021 16:38 UTC

Interested in developing a sustainability strategy for your gateway?

Sign up now for the Jumpstart Your Sustainability Plan mini-course! It’s free, and we’re offering it virtually.

Monday-Wednesday, March 1-3, 2021
Main presentations will take place 12-1:30 pm ET each day
Register by February 24, 2021

Gateway Focus Week is one of the Science Gateway Community Institute’s most popular programs, providing five days of in-person, intensive learning for gateway projects (also known as virtual labs, portal, digital initiatives, virtual research environments, citizen science, eScience). Given that COVID-19 limited our ability to travel and gather last year, we offered a virtual Focus Week as well as a new virtual mini-course focused on sustainability strategies. Both programs were a great success so we’re offering them again in 2021!

The Jumpstart Your Sustainability Plan mini-course will focus solely on offering practical and effective steps for developing a sustainability strategy. The course offers PIs of research and teaching-focused gateways and their teams the perfect way to kick off sustainability planning, whether you are writing a new grant or ready to get to the next level with a more mature project.

More information, the full agenda, and registration are available here:

Questions? Email