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[Resolved] -- TACC Jetstream Cloud resources may be limited due to Texas power grid issues

Update 2

Posted by Jeremy Fischer on 02/19/2021 21:04 UTC

TACC Engineers have been given permission to bring the downed Jetstream compute nodes back online.

With the exception of a handful of individual nodes, all previously downed compute racks have been restored to service for the Jetstream TACC cloud and are again available for use.

Please contact if you have questions or concerns. We do appreciate your patience during this weather-related partial outage.

Thank you,
The Jetstream Team

Update 1

Posted by Jeremy Fischer on 02/17/2021 18:45 UTC

TACC engineers have consolidated all running instances to fewer racks and are powering down the now unused racks to help conserve power.

All running instances appear to have migrated successfully. If you have issues accessing your active instance(s), please contact

One note: all instances that were stopped or suspended were shelved to make the migration process easier. We apologize for any inconvenience stemming from this need to conserve power, but hopefully the impact will be minimal.

Thank you,
The Jetstream Team

Original post

Posted by Jeremy Fischer on 02/17/2021 17:10 UTC

Due to strains on the Texas power grid, the TACC Jetstream cloud is going to consolidate services to one or two racks and power down unused compute nodes.

All instances will be migrated and should remain in the state that they were in pre-migration (i.e. running instances should remain running, stopped instances should remain stopped, etc).

During this time, resources on the TACC Jetstream cloud may be limited and there may be problems starting new instances, especially larger instances.

We expect to resolve this and power up all compute nodes when the Texas-wide power situation has resolved.

Thank you for your patience while Texas copes with these weather and power issues.

The Jetstream Team