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Deputy Director of Computing position available at the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts

Posted by Noni Ledford on 03/25/2021 22:08 UTC

JOB TITLE: Deputy Director of Computing
INSTITUTION: European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasts, ECMWF

JOB SUMMARY: ECMWF is recruiting a Deputy Director of Computing. At the core of the department’s mission are state-of-the-art high-performance computing (HPC) facilities, storage solutions to support the world’s largest meteorological data archive and digital technologies solutions for the organisation.

The role is a senior management position reporting directly to and working closely with the Director of Computing on the strategy, development roadmap and 24/7 service provision of ECMWF’s mission-critical ICT infrastructure and services.

More than 60 technical and engineering staff, located in Reading and Bologna, provide HPC and data management solutions and ICT services to users of the ECMWF Departments of Research, Forecasts, Copernicus and Administration, as well as ECMWF’s external users in Member States and Co-operating States. The Computing Department actively researches the digital technology landscape for the benefit of ECMWF’s future operations of ECMWF’s highly demanding 365/24/7 HPC facility and supporting data archive, ensuring resilient and mission-critical computing services.

The successful candidate will lead the research of current and emerging technologies and will provide strategic insight into their potential for the strategic planning and development of ECMWF’s ICT architecture and technical designs, in particular in the fields of HPC, AI and data handling solutions, and will lead or contribute to relevant proposals for research and innovation actions.

As part of the Computing Department management team, the successful candidate will ensure the smooth running of the Department in the provision and delivery of leading-edge, mission-critical services to its users across the sections for high-performance computing and storage, platform and services, data centre operations and service delivery. They will prepare annual work plans and service development proposals for all areas of the Department’s activity in close collaboration with the relevant Heads of Section and will monitor and report on performance and efficiency. They will lead the preparation of the Department’s budget and ensure consistency across the different Sections They will coordinate and oversee the implementation of process improvements.

They will also represent the Department in cross-cutting working groups, lead projects, be responsible for the development of major business cases and acquisitions (such as HPC procurements) and support the Director of Computing in developing strategic thinking and preparing relevant documents such as the 4-year plan and 10-year strategy. They will deputise for the Director of Computing and represent ECWMF externally when required.

In this role, the Deputy Director of Computing develop strong relationships with both internal and external stakeholders in ECMWF’s governing body and advisory committees, national meteorological services, HPC user community, HPC centres and related organisations, the relevant research community and ICT companies.

This post offers a wide variety of exciting challenges and opportunities to take the lead in critical activities for the Department and ECMWF.