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XSEDE Code Performance and Scaling Training, 4/6/2021

Start date
04/06/2021 14:30 CDT
End date
04/06/2021 15:30 CDT
Zoom Coordinates (to be sent after registration)
Posted by Jay Alameda on 04/01/2021 16:12 UTC

Do you submit proposals for research support to the XRAC opportunity? Would you like to gain some insight on how to write better performance and scaling documents, which would lead to improved resource justifications and better reviews from the XRAC reviewers? Join us for our next session of the XSEDE Code Performance and Scaling Training, to be held this Tuesday, April 6, 2021, at 2:30PM Central Standard Time. Some things that we will cover:

  • Optimal use of Startup Allocation – what experiments to perform, what data to gather?
  • Prototypical performance and scaling document: what needs to be presented? how should it be presented
  • Experimental plan and resource justification – what details should be included to provide a quality resource justification

This instance of the class will focus on traditional HPC codes; later instances will include details on non-traditional applications including, data intensive codes and third party (including proprietary application) applications.

Please register at