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Announcing the Anvil Early User Program

Posted by Susan Mehringer on 04/06/2021 19:50 UTC

Dear Colleague,

Purdue University is excited to announce the Early User Program (EUP) for Anvil, an NSF Category I large capacity computational research platform. Anvil will provide a seamless and comprehensive ecosystem of software, access interfaces, programming environments, and composable services to support a broad range of science and engineering applications. Anvil will integrate new technologies for interactive usage, scalable HPC, machine learning, and big data applications; prioritize researcher productivity and ease of use; and provide an extensible architecture for interoperation with complementary data-intensive projects, campus resources, and commercial cloud offerings.

The Anvil EUP is a 30-day program expected to start at the beginning of August 2021, for you to port and optimize your applications, and leverage Anvil’s novel capabilities to make progress towards your research goals. Following the EUP, access to Anvil will be through the XSEDE allocation process. We welcome users from diverse disciplines with computationally intensive as well as data-intensive applications (including deep learning) to apply to participate in the EUP. In particular, we encourage applications from new communities that have not yet explored or had the opportunity to use advanced computing infrastructure.

The early user application is open to any researcher or educator at a U.S. academic or non-profit institution.

Please find more information about the Anvil system at and apply to the EUP at

The deadline for applications is April 30th, 2021 and we expect to inform selected applicants in mid-May, 2021. We expect early users to provide us with feedback on their experience in using Anvil during and at the end of the EUP. Each project will be assigned dedicated consultants who will check in with you weekly to ask about your progress and experience as well as assist with porting your applications.

Here is the link to the video recording of the information session on March 26th, 2021 describing Anvil and the Early User Program: XSEDE Intro to Anvil Webinar

If you have any questions or need help completing the application process, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at