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New A64FX testbed available

Start date
04/28/2021 13:30 EDT
End date
04/28/2021 14:30 EDT

Update 1

Posted by Jay Alameda on 04/21/2021 23:05 UTC

Please note that one can register for the webinar at the following URL:

Original post

Posted by Jay Alameda on 04/21/2021 21:28 UTC

Ookami - - is a computer technology testbed supported by NSF. It provides researchers with access to A64FX processors. Those are the same as in the world’s current fastest computer, Fugaku. Ookami is the first such computer outside of Japan. Researchers can submit a short project request and if allotted, get free access to the system.

Got you interested? Join the webinar on 04/28/2021 to learn more about Ookami and how you can use it for your research!