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Stampede2 status, 28 April 2021 11:00 CDT

Outage start
04/28/2021 22:45 CDT
Anticipated end
04/29/2021 00:00 CDT
Outage type
Full outage

Update 2

Posted by Garland Whiteside on 04/29/2021 06:18 UTC

Stampede2 services have been restored. It has been has been returned to production and the queues are open.

Update 1

Posted by William Littrell on 04/29/2021 04:24 UTC

Ranch nodes have also been affected.

Original post

Posted by William Littrell on 04/29/2021 04:19 UTC

Due to a thunderstorm, a power event has occurred at TACC. We are working to restore services.