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International Research Software Engineering Day: US-RSE community event

Posted by Ken Hackworth on 10/06/2021 18:45 UTC

On October 14, 2021 the established national/multinational RSE Associations (e.g., UK, Germany, Netherlands, Nordics, AUS/NZ, etc.) are coordinating simultaneous locally-hosted RSE Events in the first ever “International RSE Day.” The international coordination is intended to raise the profile of each event, and simultaneously, RSEs around the world. We plan to participate by hosting a US-RSE event that day.

Raise awareness about research software engineering in the broader research and research computing community as well as within the computational science/software engineering discipline
Write some kind of community blog post about what was learned / a summary


First International RSE Day Virtual Workshop Events Oct 14, 11AM Eastern – 4:30PM Eastern.

An NSF-funded workshop titled “Building the research innovation workforce: a workshop
to identify new insights and directions to advance the research computing community” recently found that collaboration between research software engineers, cyberinfrastructure professionals, and researchers were key to the research computing community (

But what do successful RSE, CI professional, and researcher teams and stakeholder interactions look like? How are they funded and how did people get started in this career?

Join us for a panel discussion and talks to introduce teams of researchers, RSEs, and CI professionals and learn about their experiences in the research computing community.

October 14th US-RSE Schedule
Start: 8 Pacific / 9 Mountain / 10 Central / 11 AM EST
FREE Zoom registration link
International RSE Day Website

11 – 12 What is a Research Software Engineer and how do RSEs fit into the landscape with researchers and cyberinfrastructure professionals?
The RSE Association: Info and Updates – Ian Cosden
Speaker/Group Introductions:
Nicole Brewer, RSE, Scientific Solutions Group – ITaP Research Computing, Purdue University
Bruce Wilson, ORNL
Ruben Lara and Mehmet Belgin, Georgia Tech
Melyssa Fratkin, TACC, UT Austin
Ian Cosden, Princeton
Jamil Gafur
Reed Milewicz, Sandia National Laboratories
Ravi Tripathi and Blake Joyce, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Research Computing