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XSEDE Seeking Partner Institutions to Offer Course in Applications of Parallel Computing for Spring 2022

Posted by Katharine Cahill on 11/16/2021 20:59 UTC

The XSEDE project and the University of California, Berkeley are offering an online course on parallel computing for graduate students and advanced undergraduates and are seeking other university partners that are interested in offering the course for credit to their students. The course includes online video lectures, and autograded quizzes and homework assignments with access to free accounts on the NSF supported XSEDE supercomputers. Last year the course included participants from 12 different institutions with students from a variety of backgrounds that successfully completed the course.

Key Topics covered in the course include: Models for parallel programming. Overview of parallelism in scientific applications and study of parallel algorithms for linear algebra, particles, meshes, sorting, FFT, graphs, machine learning, etc. Survey of parallel machines and machine structures. Programming shared- and distributed-memory parallel computers, GPUs, and cloud platforms. Parallel programming languages, compilers, libraries and toolboxes. Data partitioning techniques. Techniques for synchronization and load balancing. Detailed study and algorithm/program development of medium sized applications.

Participating institutions will need to provide a local instructor that will be responsible for advising the local students and officially assigning grades. Students will complete the online course quizzes and exercises as part of their grade and can then undertake a final group project supervised by the local instructor. The course will begin in early January 2022, local start times are flexible, based on your academic calendar. Course materials can be reviewed at

The XSEDE and Berkeley staff will meet with local instructors online monthly and also help with answers to student questions using an online forum. Local instructors may design their own group project or choose from a number of projects that have been undertaken by students in the past. For examples of class projects done in previous semesters at UC Berkeley, see for students presenting their projects in the Spring 2019 offering.

Instructors interested in the collaborative class should complete the web form to be added to the communication list.

If you have any questions, please contact Kate Cahill at