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Webinar: Introduction to AMD's EPYC Architecture and Programming Environment on Delta

Start date
12/01/2021 13:00 CST
End date
12/01/2021 14:00 CST
Zoom (Coordinates sent after registration)
Posted by Sandra Kappes on 11/18/2021 19:40 UTC


Dr. Alan K. Minga, AMD Field Applications Engineer (HPC Specialist)
Borris Conwie, AMD Field Applications Engineer (AMD Center of Excellence)


NCSA's Delta, a recent addition to the XSEDE resource portfolio, will use AMD EPYC processors, including the 3rd Generation AMD EPYC™ Processor code-named Milan, to provide CPU compute power. Delta’s AMD programming environment will use the AMD AOCC compiler and AMD AOCL suite of numerical libraries. Researchers will need to use this programming environment and implement runtime strategies to best utilize Delta’s AMD resources. In this webinar, AMD engineers will discuss the EPYC processor architecture, AMD compilers and libraries, and best practices for running on these new systems.

You can register for this webinar on the XSEDE Course Calendar.