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Advanced Computing for Social Change Curriculum Workshop

Posted by Katharine Cahill on 06/14/2022 19:42 UTC

The Advanced Computing for Social Change (ACSC) faculty curriculum development workshop will be held virtually June 23, 2022, 11am – 5pm Eastern. XSEDE Broadening Participation and Education Programs are seeking educators from varied disciplines and backgrounds who would like to incorporate the ACSC approach to teaching data analytics and computational thinking into their curriculum. This workshop provides materials informed by the ACSC student challenge to help introduce software tools, such as R, and classroom resources for data analysis, visualization, and computational modeling. The workshop will include some hands-on training using a virtual interface, but no special equipment or software is required. The goal is for attendees to leave the workshop with new curriculum materials and tools that will help to incorporate the use of data science tools to address social issues in their courses.

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