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HPC System Administrator

Posted by Hannah Remmert on 09/12/2017 13:11 UTC

Job Summary: The Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City’s Center for the Advancement for Data and Research in Economics (CADRE) is seeking an experienced High Performance Computing (HPC) System Administrator for its Research Operational Environment (ROE). The ROE is a Linux based HPC system paired with a Massively Parallel Processing Data Warehouse platform. The combination provides a unique environment capable of supporting advanced data analytics on extremely large and complex datasets. The ROE is designed to be a blend of the technologies typically found in a academic research environment with operational support processes found in enterprise IT to meet higher Service Level Agreements (SLAs). Key activities of the position include: installing, configuring and maintaining large computer clusters/servers and software, day-to-day operations of the systems including systems administration, monitoring and storage performance up to and including network components, management of the system’s backend network switch, parallel file system and HPC software stack and tools, and configuration of the scheduling and queuing system.
Job URL:
Job Location: Kansas City, MO
Institution: Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas City
Requisition Number: 250751
Posting Date: 2017-09-09
Job Posting Type: Job

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