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Writing a Successful XSEDE Allocation Proposal - 12/7/2017

Start date
12/07/2017 14:00 EST
End date
12/07/2017 16:00 EST
Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center

Update 1

Posted by Jason Allison on 12/01/2017 00:27 UTC

Please note that the Start and End time for this course has been changed to 200 to 400 pm EST. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Jason Allison –

Original post

Posted by Jason Allison on 11/21/2017 17:09 UTC

This short webinar will introduce users to the process of writing an XSEDE allocation proposal, and cover the elements that make a proposal successful. This webinar is recommended for users making the jump from a startup allocation to a research allocation, and is highly recommended for new campus champions.


Please submit any questions you may have via the Consulting section of the XSEDE User Portal.