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Data Visualization Internship Program with NASA JPL/Caltech/Art Center

Posted by Hannah Remmert on 12/04/2017 21:21 UTC

Title: Data Visualization Program
Deadline to Apply: 2018-01-05
Job Summary: Come visualize space craft and remote sensing data on the planetary scale with the NASA JPL / Caltech / Art Center visualization internship, a multi-disciplinary program for computer scientists and designers. Students will develop creative interactive visualization tools for scientific research/engineering groups selected from a broad set of areas at JPL and Caltech. Working in multidisciplinary teams, students will use methods from User-Centered Design, computing, 3D graphics and interaction design to visualize real data sets that support active scientific research. They will receive mentorship in visualization, computing and design from program co-organizers Hillary Mushkin (Caltech), Scott Davidoff (JPL) and Maggie Hendrie (Art Center) as well as Santiago Lombeyda (Caltech). Students will work closely with scientific or engineering researchers to understand their research and data, identify their visualization needs and determine the relevance of design iterations to their research and data. This should be a good opportunity for students interested in data visualization techniques and real world problems who want to gain experience crossing disciplinary boundaries.
APPLICATIONS: Submit via email to; including CV (+Portfolio if relevant) and answers to the following:
1. Why do you want to work in visualization?
2. What visualization experience do you have?
3. What example of visualization do you particularly find inspiring and why?
or what example of visualization do you find misleading or ineffective and how would you propose fixing it?
Questions? Email
Job URL:
Job Location: Pasadena, California
Institution: the NASA JPL / Caltech / Art Center