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Computational Scientist & HPC Systems Engineer Positions at Washington State University

Posted by Hannah Remmert on 02/07/2018 21:14 UTC

Washington State University’s Center for Institutional Research Computing (CIRC) is doubling its technical staff by hiring an additional Computational Scientist and another HPC Systems Engineer.

Computational Scientist

This position will play a key role in assisting the research community in the development and optimization of applications on high-performance computing clusters across a broad spectrum of application domains.

This opening presents an exciting opportunity for candidates who have a strong scientific background to go beyond the management of HPC software development environments, and assist researchers and potentially collaborate with them in scientific applications on WSU’s high-performance computing resources.

Ideal candidates should have in-depth experience with the deployment and optimization of scientific applications on HPC clusters. Applicants with programming experience in MPI and OpenMP, the Slurm job scheduler, and the parallelization of scientific applications in areas such as computational physics, chemistry, and genomics, are strongly encouraged to apply.

Apply at

HPC Systems Engineer

This position will play a vital role in the engineering and administration of HPC clusters used by the research community at Washington State University.

This opening presents an exciting opportunity to participate in the frontiers of research computing through the selection, configuration, and management of HPC infrastructure including all computing systems, networking, and storage. This position is key to ensuring the high quality of service and performance of WSU’s research computing resources.

Ideal candidates should have in-depth experience with the provisioning and administration of HPC clusters. Experience with scripting/programming, automation, and distributed systems is strongly preferred. Applicants who have experience with CentOS or RHEL, high speed networking (Infiniband), resource schedulers (Slurm), configuration management (SaltStack), network infrastructure (Force10, Mellanox), network attached storage (NetApp), and parallel file systems (BeeGFS) are highly encouraged to apply.

Apply at