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Yale Center for Research Computing seeks Director of HPC

Posted by Hannah Remmert on 02/07/2018 21:37 UTC

Job ad here

Position Focus
The Director of High Performance Computing (HPC), under the supervision of the Executive Director of the Yale Center for Research Computing (YCRC), will help create a world class HPC infrastructure to support computationally intensive research at Yale University. This may include, but is not limited to, creating HPC systems for:
1. High availability environments.
2. Use with protected health information (PHI).
3. Use with big data instrumentation.
4. Advanced processing of medical imaging data.

This is a hands-on position, and the successful candidate will be expected to be actively involved with understanding the usage patterns of the HPC community, which will help inform the planning for future systems and optimizations. The candidate will also be expected to interact with Yale Purchasing and departmental business offices to ensure the timely delivery of HPC systems and in adherence to grant deadlines. The position requires excellent communication skills, the ability to work within a team, juggle many simultaneous projects, and a can-do attitude.

Essential Duties
1. Develop and direct implementation of overall architecture for HPC systems to achieve maximum performance and uptime. This will include HPC compute, HPC storage, and HPC networking.
2. Ensure HPC best practices for systems monitoring are implemented throughout the organization.
3. Supervise the Manager of Research Computing Operations.
4. Work with vendors to achieve optimal pricing and architectures.
5. Work with various groups on campus to plan and document a strategic plan for HPC based on user community needs.
6. Develop and implement HPC reporting mechanisms.
7. Direct the implementation of technical policies as it relates to HPC storage and compute.
8. Develop and deliver tutorials and workshops on HPC at the institutional, regional, and national levels.
9. May perform other duties as assigned.

Required Education and Experience
Bachelor’s degree in engineering, science or related field and 8 years of related experience.

Required Skills/Abilities

  • Demonstrable ability in building an HPC infrastructure and team. Extensive knowledge of HPC cluster management tools for tasks such as provisioning, storage management, scheduling, monitoring, and reporting.
  • Extensive knowledge of HPC storage technologies (e.g. GPFS) and ability with additional storage technologies.
  • Demonstrated ability with HPC networking technologies.
  • Excellent communication skills with colleagues, researchers, and faculty.

Preferred Education, Experience & Skills
Ph.D. degree in Engineering, Science or related field required. Prefer at least 10 years of deep high-performance technical computing experience, and specifically with Biological or Physical Science applications. Demonstrated ability with HPC in a medical environment.