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University of Alabama at Birmingham seeks Asst. VP for Research Computing

Posted by Hannah Remmert on 02/08/2018 18:25 UTC

Already ranked 25th nationally in NIH funding (2016), UAB is looking to increase our research pipeline and diversify research funding, and research computing is a key aspect of that. The university has set aside permanent and on-going money for infrastructure and people to create an ecosystem where brilliant people can do their best work. We need a leader to help execute that vision and build a team. We need someone who can work with faculty and help them use these tools to be more competitive for grants and to make discoveries that advance patient care and increase knowledge.

This position reports directly to the VP for IT/CIO and has a great working relationship with the VP for Research’s organization. Is this an IT-focused endeavor? Our VPIT is a computer science PhD and direct report to the president, and the organization’s leadership knows the difference between academic/research computing and administrative computing.
Ideally, the right candidate would help grow this operation until it became an independent center.

UAB’s tag line is “knowledge that will change your world.” If you want to be a part of changing the world in an academic medical center environment, please see the job ad below: