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Bridges Filesystem Update

Posted by Tom Maiden on 03/02/2018 18:52 UTC

Due to increased capacity and improvements to the performance of the pylon5 filesystem, we discontinued the file wiper on March 1, 2018. The wiper had targeted files older than 30 days. pylon5 is now the recommended storage system for all of your Bridges file needs (short and long term). Please direct all jobs to write to pylon5 and transfer any new files to this file system as well.

Once we are confident that users have updated their job scripts and are using pylon5, we will phase out pylon2. This will allow us to reclaim the pylon2 storage space and add it to the new and improved pylon5. To support this upgraded environment, we have unmounted pylon2 from the Bridges login nodes.

Users who need interactive access to pylon2 can get an 8 hour session on a Regular Memory node by doing:

interact -t 08:00:00

Users without an allocation on Regular Memory nodes can get a similar session on a Large Memory or GPU node by doing:

interact -p LM --mem=256G -t 08:00:00


interact --gpu -t 08:00:00

If you wish to begin transferring your files from pylon2 to pylon5, we suggest the use of the Globus web application. To use the Globus web application, simply visit Choose “PSC Bridges with XSEDE Authentication” as each endpoint (you will need to authenticate with your XSEDE login and password). As the first path, choose the pylon2 directory that you wish to transfer files from. For example:


Similarly, for the second path, choose the appropriate pylon5 target directory:


If you need to find your chargeid on Bridges, you can use the ‘projects’ command to see all of the allocations that you have access to.

At the bottom of the Globus transfer page, choose the Transfer Settings that you wish to use (e.g. “preserve source file modification times”) and transfer your files as you would through any other web application. Remember to delete your pylon2 files once your transfers have finished. If you have questions or run into any issues with this process, please let us know by emailing

Thank you for your continued patience as we continue to improve the Bridges environment.

Tom Maiden,
PSC User Services