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Image creators: Upcoming CentOS 7.5 release

Posted by Jeremy Fischer on 04/11/2018 15:39 UTC

For those developers/users that create custom images on Jetstream:

CentOS 7.5 will release later this week. This will mean a lot of updates will be forced on boot for CentOS 7 based instances — slowing boot times significantly or possibly even causing deployment failures.

All featured images will be updated as soon as the 7.5 update is available.

We highly recommend that image creators that use CentOS 7 based images launch an instance based on their images today so it is up and ready. Then do a “sudo yum update” later this week and get the latest update to CentOS 7.5 applied and then request an updated image.

Docs on creating custom images are here:

Please email if you have additional questions.

Thank you,
The Jetstream Team