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XStream downtime due to power loss

Posted by Stephane Thiell on 09/20/2017 16:03 UTC

Dear XStream users,

XStream is currently unavailable due to a power incident at the datacenter at the Stanford Research Computing Facility (SRCF).

We’re very sorry for the trouble and we will keep you updated as we know more.


SSOHub down time Friday September 15, 2017 7:00am EDT

Posted by Frank Wells on 09/14/2017 16:50 UTC

There will be a brief down time for the SSOHub ( tomorrow, September 15, 2017 starting at 7:00am EDT. We expect that the SSOHub will return to service in a matter of minutes after rebooting it.

If you have any questions, please... (read_more_link)Read more


Bridges Maintenance

Posted by Tom Maiden on 09/09/2017 21:31 UTC

Bridges is currently unavailable due to maintenance. We are working to return the machine to service. You can monitor the status of the maintenance by looking at the upper right hand of the PSC homemage,