Student Champions

Requirements for Student Champions

  1. Students must be enrolled in an academic program of study at an accredited US College or University including both 2- and 4- year institutions.
  2. Interested students must contact their local Campus Champion to express their interest in being mentored and becoming a Student Campus Champion.  The local Champion will serve as mentor and manager, and they will most likely be looking for someone with a complementary skill set to make sure that both outreach and technical support are available for their users.
  3. Preference for this program is for students enrolled in graduate study.  However, exceptional undergraduate students endorsed by a local Champion may also be considered as a candidate for this program.
  4. Students volunteering to be a part of this program should be self-motivated leaders interested in the usage of digital resources and services within research and education.
  5. Selection and support of Student Champions will be left to the discretion of a local Champion as successful participants should share similar visions and goals for the program.  If the institution does not have access to a local Champion at the time of inquiry, then a local Champion may be immediately recruited, since all Student Champions will be required to have a mentor, who will be in charge of the Champion allocation and will be the responsible party for communicating with XSEDE under their MOU.
  6. Student Champions membership is open and encouraged to qualified students in any discipline and area of study.
  7. Since this is a volunteer position with no MOU, the Student Champion may leave or be asked to leave at any time, at the discretion of the Champion mentor or the Student Champion, as the case may be.