Student Champions

The XSEDE Campus Champion effort needs additional support to achieve sustainability, to fully enable new users and to extend participation throughout the nation. The Student Champions Program will facilitate education and training opportunities for students and faculty at local colleges and universities that help them effectively use local and national resources and services. The proposed activities and resources focus on empowering the Student Champions to more effectively facilitate campus outreach and training events and to provide user-tailored training and mentoring for those interested in using high-end CI digital resources and services to support research and education. Student Champions will ease the burden on current Champions and will offer a unique student perspective for advocating and educating local users of the range of local and nationally integrated digital resources and services.

The goals of the Student Champion Program are to 1) identify, prepare and nurture self-motivated student leaders who can assist Champions as advocates and brokers of information among local campus users by relaying their HPC and XSEDE knowledge and experiences and 2) encourage many more talented and motivated students from diverse backgrounds to pursue advanced studies and careers utilizing digital resources and services to advance scientific discovery.

Requirements for Student Champions

Last updated: 07/7/17

Institution Champion Mentor Graduation Year
Georgia State University Mengyuan Zhu Suranga Naranjan  
Georgia State University Kenneth Huang Suranga Naranjan  
Georgia State University Thakshila Herath Suranga Naranjan  
Jackson State University Ebrahim Al-Areqi, Duber Gomez-Fonseca Carmen Wright  
Oklahoma State University Raj Shukla Dana Brunson  
Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Jorge Alarcon Joel Geidt  
Southern Illinois University Sai Susheel Sunkara Chet Langin  
Tufts University Georgios (George) Karamanis Shawn G. Doughty  
University of California, Merced Luanzheng Guo Sarvani Chadalapaka  
University of Central Florida Amit Goel Paul Weigand  
University of Florida David Ojika Oleksandr Moskalenko  
University of Michigan Simon Adorf Brock Palen  
University of Pittsburgh Shervin Sammak Kim Wong  
University of Utah Khalid Ahmad Anita Orendt  
Virginia Tech University Lu Chen Alana Romanella  
Mississippi State University Nitin Sukhija Trey Breckenridge 2015
Oklahoma State University Phillip Doehle Dana Brunson 2016
University of Arkansas Shawn Coleman Jeff Pummill 2014
University of Maryland Baltimore County Genaro Hernadez Paul Schou 2015
University of Houston Clear Lake Tarun Kumar Sharma Liwen Shih 2014