Registration Desk

Sunday 3 pm – 7 pm

Monday 7 am – 4:30 pm
Tuesday 7 am – 4:30 pm
Wednesday 7 am – 4:30 pm
Thursday 7 am – 12 pm 

XSEDE15, the 4th annual conference

will showcase the discoveries, innovations, challenges and achievements of those who utilize and support XSEDE resources and services, as well as other digital resources and services throughout the world. This year's theme is Scientific Advancements Enabled by Enhanced Cyberinfrastructure.

Below are the "Keyleads" who help organize the conference.
Executive Committee
General Chair - Greg Peterson
Tech Program Chair - Bob Sinkovits
Logistics Co-Chair - Stephen McNally
Logistics Co-Chair - Julie Wernert
Communications Chair - Travis Tate
Project Management - Scott Wells, Justin Whitt
Technical Program Committee
Program Chair - Bob Sinkovits
Vice Program Chair - Shava Smallen
Program Chair Emeriti - Amit Majumdar, Jay Alameda
Accelerating Discovery Track Chair - Bhanu Rekepalli
Accelerating Discovery vice-chair - Sudhakar Pamidighantam
Accelerating Discovery vice-chair - Kwai Wong
Technology Track Chair - Ritu Arora
Technology Track vice-chair - Shirley Moore
Software Track Chair - Marlon Pierce
Software Track vice-chair - Warren Smith
EOT Track Chair - Jenett Tillotson
EOT Track vice-chair - Alana Romanella
EOT Track vice-chair - Vetria Byrd
EOT Trakc chair emeritus - Diane Baxter
Poster Chair - Amy Schuele
Posters vice-chair - Sandie Kappes
Posters vice-chair - Tabitha Samuel
BoF Chair - Dana Brunson
BoF vice-chair - Daniel Andresen
Tutorials Chair - Marcela Madrid
Tutorials vice-chair - Galen Arnold
Tutorials vice-chair - Mahidhar Tatineni
Visualizations Chair - Amit Chourasia
Student Program Chair - Jenett Tillotson
Student Modelling Competition - Steve Gordon
Logistics and Local Arrangements Committee
Co-Chairs Stephen McNally, Julie Wernert
A/V Chair - Michael Campfield
Networking and Security Chair - Tim Boerner
Networking and Security vice-chair - Benny Sparks
Campus Champions Chair - Jim Lupo
Space Chair - Vince Betro/Kim Bergeron
XSEDE Staff Meetings Chair - Laura Herriott
Special Events Logistics Chair (BoF, Viz, Posters) - David Monismith
Communications Chair - Travis Tate
Social Media Chair - Liz Murray
If you have questions, contact Travis Tate, the Communications Chair, at