Allocations Overview

XSEDE Allocations is an application process where users are awarded access to compute, visualization, and/or storage resources as well as extended support services. XSEDE has various types of allocations from short term exploratory request to year long projects. In order to get access to XSEDE resources you must have an allocation. Requests are submitted using the XSEDE Resource Allocation System (XRAS) on the XSEDE User Portal.

 New to XSEDE Allocation Process?

  • Allocations Overview

    High level overview of XSEDE allocations including details regarding Allocation Eligibility, Metrics; Allocation Types: Startup, Education, Research; Writing Allocation Proposals: Startup and Education, Research

  • Allocation Policies

    A detailed look at the allocation policies, eligibility and allocation request types.

 Once you are ready to get started the following documentation will help guide you through the allocation process:

 Create a user portal account & start your allocation request using XRAS.

 Are you an existing PI, co-PI or Allocation Manager with an XSEDE allocation? Read more about how to Manage your Allocation on the XSEDE User Portal.

Last update: August 21, 2014