Campus Champions - Overview

Campus Champions Region 1 Meet in Idaho

Members of the Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment (XSEDE) Regional Champion program recently met at Idaho National Laboratory in Idaho Falls, Idaho, for a Campus Champion event....


Recent Campus Champions.

XSEDE Campus Champions gathered at XSEDE13 in San Diego to network with each other, researchers, students and plenary speakers. Photo Credit: Steve Duensing/NCSA

The Campus Champions program supports campus representatives as a local source of knowledge about high-performance and high-throughput computing and other digital services, opportunities and resources. This knowledge and assistance empowers campus researchers, educators, and students to advance scientific discovery. 


Through the Campus Champions program, your campus will have direct access to XSEDE and input to its staff, resource allocations for the use of your campus researchers, and assistance in using those resources.

The Campus Champion Program will serve as a:

  • Source of local, regional and national high-performance computing and cyberinfrastructure information on your campus
  • Source of information regarding XSEDE resources and services that will benefit research and education on your campus
  • Source of start-up accounts on your campus to quickly get researchers and educators using their allocations of time on XSEDE resources, and
  • Conduit for the campus high-performance computing needs, requirements and challenges, with direct access to XSEDE staff.

The Champion Program has evolved to now include three types of specialized Champions

  • Student Champions - offering a unique student perspective on use of digital resources and services
  • Regional Champions - regional point of contact to help scale the Champion Program
  • Domain Champions - spread the word about what XSEDE can do to boost the advancement of their field.

LAST UPDATED 04-07-2016

What is expected of the campus?

A Campus Champion may engage in a number of the following activities:

  • Providing information on XSEDE and cyberinfrastructure resources to researchers and educators on your campus,
  • Assisting campus users to quickly get start-up allocations of computing time on XSEDE systems,
  • Be an ombudsperson, on behalf of the campus users of XSEDE, to capture information on problems and challenges that need to be addressed by XSEDE
  • Host awareness sessions for campus personnel about XSEDE resources and services,
  • Host training workshops on your campus about the use of XSEDE resources and services,
  • Provide local users with contacts within XSEDE for quick problem resolution,
  • Participate in XSEDE information sharing sessions, and
  • Attend the annual XSEDE Conference.

What will XSEDE provide?

XSEDE will support the Campus Champion representative by providing the following:

  • Regular correspondence on new resources, services, and offerings to Campus Champions,
  • Participation in User Services Working Group teleconferences,
  • Forum for sharing information among other campus champions and XSEDE personnel,
  • Campus visits by XSEDE personnel,
  • Waived registration fee for the annual XSEDE conference,
  • Training for Campus Champions via the XSEDE conference, meetings of the representatives, and through online forum,
  • Allocations of time to allow the representative to get local users started quickly on XSEDE resources, and
  • Success stories of impact of XSEDE on research and education.

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