How it Works

Your Campus Champion is your local source of knowledge about high-performance computing opportunities and resources. Your Campus Champion can direct researchers and educators to national high-performance computing resources and services that are available to you and that will help you to advance scientific discovery.

We encourage you to get to know your campus representative!

Your representative can:

  • Provide you with information about high-performance computing resources to researchers and educators, including resources available from XSEDE
  • Assist you to quickly get access to allocations of high-performance computing resources
  • Facilitate awareness and training workshops for you about the use of high-performance computing resources and services
  • Provide you with contacts within the high-performance computing community for quick problem resolution
  • Provide you with timely information on new resources, services, and offerings

How does a campus join?

To join the Campus Champions program, we encourage you to contact the XSEDE Campus Champions Program Coordinator, at . The Coordinator will be glad to discuss your campus interests, explore who on your campus might become the Campus Champion representative, and start you through the enrollment process.

There is no membership fee to participate. Rather, we ask that your campus sign a memorandum of understanding so that there is a mutual understanding of roles and responsibilities.

Your Campus Champion representative will be included on all correspondence including regular updates of activities, new opportunities, and new resources.

Who should be your campus representative?

The Campus Champions are campus personnel who are trained by and supported by XSEDE. Campuses may elect to identify more than one representative in order to expand the base of knowledge on their campus and to accelerate their outreach and support of researchers and educators on their own campus. The representative is likely to come from one or more of the following communities including:

  • CIO staff member
  • IT professional staff member
  • Researcher or faculty member with a passion to engage colleagues

For more information, contact: