XSEDE Industry Challenge Program

XSEDE Industry Challenge Submission Rules and Guidelines

Proposals and Awards

Those eligible to submit proposals to the XSEDE Industry Challenge Program are faculty and researchers from accredited universities, industry researchers, and researchers from government laboratories. Proposals must describe a computationally challenging problem hindering industry today while demonstrating how the cooperative efforts of academia, industry and XSEDE, and potentially government research laboratories, will provide a framework for solving the problem. 

The awards in this program will come in the form of commitments of faculty and staff time supported by XSEDE and a grant for use of XSEDE resources. The staff time commitment from XSEDE must be matched by at least the same level of effort collectively by the proposing team. Awards will be determined based on the merits of the proposal with respect to the objectives of the XSEDE Industry Challenge Program, which are outlined in detail in the PDF.

Submission deadlines and requirements

A committee established by XSEDE will review proposals submitted in response to this program solicitation. After scientific, technical and programmatic review and consideration of appropriate factors, the XSEDE Program Officer recommends to the XSEDE Senior Management Team whether the proposal should be declined or recommended for support. XSEDE is striving to be able to tell applicants whether their proposals have been declined or recommended for support within one month of the submission deadline. 


Letter of Intent

One LOI per lead institution/corporation will be accepted. LOI should include each of the following categories:

  • The name and departmental/corporate affiliation of the principal investigator.
  • The name(s) and departmental/corporate affiliation(s) of the Co-PI(s).
  • The lead institution and any other participating institutions.
  • Project title: The project title should reflect the primary class of problem being addressed.
  • Synopsis (maximum of 500 words in this section). Provide a brief statement of the vision and goals of the proposed research including a brief statement of the primary class of problem being addressed. The theme should be clearly responsive to the goals of the XSEDE Industry Challenge Program.

Please note the conditions outlined below:

  • A minimum of 0 and maximum of 4 other senior project personnel are allowed
  • A minimum of 0 and maximum of 10 other participating organizations are allowed
  • Submission of multiple Letters of Intent from the same lead institution is not allowed

Full Proposals

Full proposals must contain the items listed below and adhere to the specified page limitations. Proposals that exceed the specified page limitations may be returned without review. No additional information may be provided by links to web pages within the proposal, except as part of citations in the References Cited section. A more detailed itemized list can be found in the XSEDE Industry Challenge PDF.

  • Project Summary (1-page limit)
  • Project Description
  • List of Participants (1-page limit)
  • Vision, Goals, and Thematic Basis
  • Major Research Efforts
  • Organization, Management, and Institutional Commitment
  • Performance Assessment / Project Evaluation
  • References Cited (3-page limit)
  • Biographical Sketches
  • Budget and Allowable Costs
  • Budget Justification (1-page limit)
  • Facilities, Equipment and Other Resources (1-page limit)
  • Supplementary Documentation, see PDF

Again, all submissions, as well as any input and questions should be submitted via email toIndustryChallenge@xsede.org.