Organizing Committee

Lorena A. Barba

George Washington University

Eivind Hovig

University of Oslo

Doug James (chair)

Texas Advanced Computing Center

Daniel S. Katz

University of Chicago & Argonne National Laboratory

Sophie Kay

University of Oxford

Pragnesh Patel

National Institute for Computational Sciences

Carlos Rosales

Texas Advanced Computing Center

Geir K. Sandve

University of Oslo

David Skinner

National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center

Victoria Stodden

Columbia University

Nancy Wilkins-Diehr

San Diego Supercomputing Center

reproducibility@XSEDE: An XSEDE14 Workshop



David Bailey and Jonathan Borwein
Fooling the masses : Reproducibility in high-performance computing

Dirk Colbry
Managing Advanced Computational Resources to Encourage Best Practices for Developing Repeatable Scientific Software

Mark Fahey and Robert McLay
Reproducibility Responsibilities in the HPC Arena

Doug James
Modeling Reproducibility for Reluctant Believers: A Parable in Bash

Laurence Loewe and Seth A. Keel
BEST Names for Semantic Units to Support Reproducible Modeling

Kenton McHenry, Jong Lee, Michael Dietze, Praveen Kumar, Barbara Minsker, Richard Marciano, Luigi Marini, Rob Kooper, Dave Mattson
DIBBs Brown Dog, PaaS for SaaS for PaaS

Chris A. Mattmann
Scientific Reproducibility via Rapid Algorithm Integration, Intelligent Data Movement and Automated Text and Metadata Extraction

Idafen Santana-Perez, Rafael Ferreira Da Silva, Mats Rynge, Ewa Deelman, Maria S. Perez-Hernandez and Oscar Corcho
Leveraging Semantics to Improve Reproducibility in Scientific Workflows

Mahadev Satyanarayanan, Gloriana St. Clair, Benjamin Gilbert, Jan Harkes, Dan Ryan, Erika Linke, and Keith Webster
Olive: Sustaining Executable Content Over Decades

Justin Shi
On the Reproducibility of Large Scale Computer Applications

Victoria Stodden and Sheila Miguez
Provisioning Reproducible Computational Science Information

Nancy Wilkins-Diehr
Science Gateways: A Path to Reproducibility