Champion Leadership Team

This page includes the Champions Leadership team and Regional Champions

Champion Staff
Name Institution Position
Dana Brunson Internet2 Campus Engagement Co-manager
Henry Neeman University of Oklahoma Campus Engagement Co-manager
Cathy Chaplin Internet2 Champion Coordinator
Jay Alameda University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Champion Fellows Coordinator & ECSS Liaison
Champion Elected Leadership Team    
Sarvani Chadalapaka University of California Merced Champion Leadership Team (2021-2023)
Jacob Fosso Tande University of North Carolina Greensboro Champion Leadership Team (2021-2023)
Shane Sanders The Jackson Laboratory Champion Leadership Team (2021-2023)
Torey Battelle Colorado School of Mines Champion Leadership Team (2019-2023)
Thomas Cheatham University of Utah Champion Leadership Team (2020-2022)
Douglas Jennewein Arizona State University Champion Leadership Team (2018-2022)
Timothy Middelkoop Internet2 Champion Leadership Team (2018-2022)
Julie Ma MGHPCC Champion Leadership Team (2018-2022)
Champion Leadership Team Alumni    
Shelley Knuth University of Colorado Champion Leadership Team (2019-2021)
BJ Lougee Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas (CADRE) Champion Leadership Team (2019-2021)
Hussein Al-Azzawi University of New Mexico Champion Leadership Team (2018-2020)
Aaron Culich University of California-Berkeley Champion Leadership Team (2017-2019)
Jack Smith West Virginia Higher Education Policy Commission  Champion Leadership Team (2016-2018)
Dan Voss University of Miami Champion Leadership Team (2016-2018)
Erin Hodges University of Houston Champion Leadership Team (2017-2018)
Alla Kammerdiner New Mexico State University Champion Leadership Team (2017-2019)

Updated: June 18, 2020

Regional Champions

The Regional Champion Program is built upon the principles and goals of the XSEDE Champion Program. The Regional Champion network facilitates education and training opportunities for researchers, faculty, students and staff in their region that help them make effective use of local, regional and national digital resources and services. Additionally, the Regional Champion Program provides oversight and assistance in a predefined geographical region to ensure that all Champions in that region receive the information and assistance they require, as well as establish a bi-directional conduit between Champions in the region and the XSEDE champion staff, thus ensuring a more efficient dissemination of information, allowing finer grained support. Finally, the Regional Champions acts as a regional point of contact and coordination, to assist in scaling up the Champion program by working with the champion staff to coordinate and identify areas of opportunity for expanding outreach to the user community.


Ben Nickell Idaho National Labs     1
Ruth Marinshaw Stanford University Aaron Culich University of California, Berkeley 2
Kevin Brandt South Dakota State University      3
Dan Andresen Kansas State University BJ Lougee Federal Reserve Bank Of Kansas City CADRE  4
Mark Reed University of North Carolina     5
Scott Hampton University of Notre Dame     6
Scott Yockel Harvard University Scott Valcourt Northeastern University 7
Anita Orendt University of Utah Shelley Knuth University of Colorado 8

Updated: November 12, 2020


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