XSEDE Scholars Program Course Materials

Recorded XSEDE Scholars webinars

  • 12/4/2015
    XSEDE Scholar Webinar: What Does a Computational Scientist Do All Day?
    by Dr. Matthew Knepley
    Recorded Session
  • 7/22/2015
    XSEDE Scholar Webinar: The things I wish I had known when I started in HPC
    by Pedro Bello-Maldonado
    Recorded Session
  • 6/11/2015
    Applying to Graduate School and the Interview Process
    by Luis Melara
    Recorded Session
  • 3/26/2015
    The Top 10 Mistakes: The Unwritten Rules of Interviewing for Industrial and Academic Jobs
    by Juan Meza, Dean of Natural Sciences, University of California-Merced
    Recorded Session
  • 11/24/2014
    Leveraging Supercomputing Resources for Solving Large Computational and Analytical Challenges
    by Dr. Rita Arora
    Recorded Session
  • 11/20/2014
    From Richard Tapia to the Turings and Fields Medalists: What I Have Learned About the Essential Role of Mentoring
    by Dr. Carlos Monroy
    Recorded Session
  • 9/25/2013
    Mentoring and being mentored: Mastering the art of professional relationships and leading your professional development
    by Dr. Raquell Holmes
    Recorded Session
  • 6/6/2013
    Introduction to Student Programming Competition
    by Dr. Peter Molnar
    Recorded Session
  • 5/23/2013
    Supercomputing in Plain English
    by Dr. Henry Neeman
    Recorded Session
  • 4/25/2013
    Building Predictive Models Using Statistical Machine Learning
    by Dr. Devika Subramanian
    Recorded Session
  • 4/4/2013
    Developing an iPad Game for Teaching Calculus
    by J.D. DeVaughn-Brown
    Recorded Session
  • 4/4/2013
    High Performance Computing in Protein Structure Prediction
    by Manuel Zubieta
    Recorded Session
  • 3/7/2013
    Intro to Scientific Visualization Using ParaView
    by Dr. Vetria Byrd
    Recorded Session
  • 11/7/12
    Modern Statistical Methods for Massive Data: Developing mathematical tools to understand massive amounts of data in medicine and engineering
    by Dr. Genevera Allen, Rice University
    Recorded Session
  • 11/7/12
    Differential Network Testing for Populations of Graphical Models
    by Manjari Narayan, Rice UNIVERSITY
    Recorded Session
  • 11/5/12
    Matlab, in serial and parallel: An overview of MATLAB, how it is used in research/industry, and demos of how MATLAB is used in both serial and parallel computations
    by Gerardo Hernandez, MathWorks
    Recorded Session
  • 9/14/12
    Qualifying Exams Demystified: Effective strategies to prepare and excel in graduate preliminary, qualifying, and comprehensive exams
    by Paul Delgado, XSEDE Scholar
    Recorded Session
  • 3/21/2012
    What is the XSEDE Campus Champions program; Intro to HPC; How to submit jobs on an Xsede machine (TACC Ranger)
    by Roger Moye, Rice University
    Recorded Session
  • 2/23/2012
    Parallel Programming with MPI
    by Dan Stanzione, TACC
    Part II
  • 2/19/2012
    Parallel Programming with MPI
    by Dan Stanzione, TACC
    Part I
  • 1/19/2012
    Introduction to XSEDE User Portal
    by Maytal Dahan, TACC
    Recorded Session
  • 11/03/2011
    Innovation in Cloud Computing
    by Juan Vargas, Microsoft
    Recorded Session

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