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Current Members of the Service Provider Forum and their XSEDE Federation (XF) Level #

SP Resource/Service XF Level Institution PI Alternate(s) Estimated End Date for Resource
Bridges 1 PSC Mike Levine Bob Stock, J Ray Scott, Nick Nystrom ??
Comet 1 UCSD/SDSC Mike Norman Richard Moore, Bob Sinkovits 4/2019
Darter 1 Univ of Tennessee-Knoxville/NICS Greg Peterson Justin Whitt 6/30/2016
Gordon 1 UCSD/SDSC Michael Norman Robert Sinkovits 8/1/2015
Maverick 1 Univ of Texas-Austin/TACC Kelly Gaither Chris Hempel ?
Stampede 1 Univ of Texas-Austin/TACC Dan Stanzione Chris Hempel 1/5/2017
Wrangler 1 Univ of Texas-Austin/TACC Dan Stanzione Niall Gaffney 3/2019
Blue Waters 2 UIUC/NCSA William Kramer Kjellrun Olson, Mike Showerman 8/2018
OSG 2 Univ of Wisconsin Miron Livny Dan Fraser 05/30/2017
Quarry/Mason 2 Indiana Univ Craig Stewart David Hancock, Therese Miller 3/30/2015
Rosen Ctr 2 Purdue Carol Song Preston Smith n/a
SuperMIC 2 Louisiana State U Jay Park Sam White, Jim Lupo ??
XSEDEnet, Globus Online/GLADE 2 NCAR Rich Loft Dave Hart n/a
Arkansas High Performance Computing Center (AHPCC) 3 U of Arkansas Jeff Pummill TBD n/a
DataONE 3 Univ New Mexico + UTK, UCSB, ... Bruce Wilson Rebecca Koskela n/a
Inst for Cyber-Enabled Res (iCER) 3 Michigan State University Kennie Merz Andy Keen n/a
Inst for Computational Researd in Engin & Science (ICRES) 3 Kansas State University Daniel Andresen TBD n/a
Minnesota Supercomputing Institute (MSI) 3 U of Minnesota Jeffrey McDonald TBD n/a
OSCER 3 U of Oklahoma Henry Neeman TBD n/a
OSU High-Performance Comp Ctr 3 Oklahoma State University Dana Brunson TBD n/a
Rutgers 3 Rutgers University Manish Parashar TBD n/a
Tufts Technology Services 3 Tufts University Shawn Doughty TBD n/a
USDA-PBARC 3 USDA (Hawaii) Brian Hall Scott Geib n/a
ARCC (Advance Research Computing Center) 3 University of Wyoming Dane Skow Tim Brewer n/a
FutureSystems - Indiana Univ Geoffrey Fox Gary Miksik n/a
NCSA - Univ of Illinois Urbana-Champaign John Towns TBD n/a
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