1. The interface is very similar to the software search, you use the search bar and 'View by' Resources, Science Category/Domain and Sites to see the list of available software.

2. If the software box is shadded gray, it means the metadata information fields have not been completed. You can select the cell to open up the details and click 'Edit' to add additional metadata.

3. All metadata fields (Additional Info, Keywords, Tags, URLs) must be filled up before it turns green. Please include enough information to be considered useful for the general audience when it comes to completeing the metadata information

4. Once all metadata is added the cell will turn green. If you add metadata for software such as 'amber' the metadata will display for all versions of 'amber' across all SP sites. This way there is no duplication. For version or SP specific information, please add this to your module files so it dynamically gets displayed.

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