XSEDE12  •  July 16-20, 2012

InterContinental (Magnificent Mile)
505 N. Michigan Ave., Chicago, IL
Contact: info@xsede.org

XSEDE12 is hosted by

XSEDE, Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment, xsede.org.

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Welcome to XSEDE12

XSEDE12, the first conference of the Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment, was held July 16-19, 2012, at the InterContinental hotel in downtown Chicago. The conference set a new standard for community participation and technical excellence.


Image of XSEDE12 award certificates.Twelve awards were presented on the final day of the conference. Following are the award categories, recipient names and project titles.

Congratulations to all award recipients on their outstanding work and contributions to XSEDE!

  • Best Paper and Best Science Paper
    Margarete Jadamec, Magali Billen, Oliver Kreylos
    "Three-dimensional Simulations of Geometrically Complex Subduction with Large Viscosity Variations"
  • Best Technology Paper
    Richard L. Moore, Leonard Carson, Amin Ghadersohi, Adam Jundt, Kenneth Yoshimoto, William Young
    "Analyzing Throughput and Utilization on Trestles"
  • Best Software and Software Environments Paper
    Katherine Lawrence, Nancy Wilkins-Diehr
    "Roadmaps, Not Blueprints: Paving the Way to Science Gateway Success"
  • Best Education, Outreach and Training Paper
    D. R. Mattson, Edee Wiziecki, R.J. Mashi
    "Enhancing Chemistry Teaching and Learning through Cyberinfrastructure"
  • Best Student Paper
    Justin McKennon, Gary Forrester, Gaurav Khanna 
    SCIENCE TRACK: "High Accuracy Gravitational Waveforms from Black Hole Binary Inspirals Using OpenCL"
  • Best Visualization
    Greg Abram, Carsten Burstedde, Omar Ghattas, James Martin, Georg Stadler, Lucas Wilcox
    "Visualization of Global Seismic Wave Propagation Simulation"
  • Best Poster
    Bhanu Rekepalli, Paul Giblock, Christopher Reardon, Mark Fahey, Subhra Sarkar
    "Petascale Informatics Applications Development on XSEDE Supercomputers"
  • Best Graduate Poster
    Andrew Kail, Kwai Wong, Elton Freeman, Jerry Baker

    "A Scalable Software Framework for Thermal Radiation Simulation" - University of Tennessee

  • Best Undergraduate Poster
    Joseph Peterson, Charles Wight

    "Reaction Modeling of Mesoscale Granular Beds of Explosives Subjected to Impact" - University of Utah

  • Best High School Poster
    Mike Wu, Rekha Narasimhan

    "Position and Vector Detection of Blind Spot Motion with the Horn-Schunck Optical Flow" - Torrey Pines High School

  • First Place – Student Programming Contest
    Manuel Zubieta, Justin Peyton, David Manosalvas, Nancy Carlos, Melissa Estrada, Grace Silva
    XSEDE Scholars Team 1, coached by Alice Fisher
  • Second Place – Student Programming Contest
    Brian Leu, Albert Liu, Parth Sheth, Zeyin Zhang
    University of Michigan team, coached by Benson Muite

Proceedings from the XSEDE12 Conference can be found at http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=2335755

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XSEDE is supported by the National Science Foundation.