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7:30 to 9:30 pm  July 24 | Coronado Room/Coronado Terrace

Ecological Cyberinfrastructure and HPC: Towards More Accurately Predicting Future Levels of Greenhouse Gases
Rob Kooper, Kenton McHenry, Michael C. Dietze, David S. Le Bauer, Shawn Serbin and Ankur Desai

Scattering phase shifts and the spectrum of excited states in lattice QCD using the stochastic LapH method
Colin Morningstar, John Bulava, Brendan Fahy, Justin Foley, You-Cyuan Jhang, Keisuke Juge, David Lenkner and Chik Him Wong

Impact of Solid State Drives on Gaussian Performance
Yvonne Radsmikham and Robert Sinkovits

Large-scale earthquake rupture simulations using a hybrid method 
Heming Xu, Yifeng Cui, Efecan Poyraz, Dong Ju Choi, Keith Richards-Dinger and James Dieterich

A study of large scale GPU accelerated dense symmetric positive definite matrix solver on the multi-gpu heterogenous cluster in XSEDE
Shiquan Su, Ed D'Azevedo and Kwai L. Wong

Grid Technology for Supporting Health Education
Arun Datta and Nitin Sukhija

The Development of Toxoplasma gondii Systems Biology Data Management and Dissemination Core using XSEDE
David Rhee, Matthew Croken, Joseph Hargitai, Gos Micklem, Kami Kim and Aaron Golden

PANFISH: A Multi-Cluster Submission System
Christopher Churas, Abel Lin, Jeffery Grethe and Mark Ellisman

Transcriptional regulatory networks of single cells during in vitro hepatic differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells
Rathi Thiagarajan, Thomas Touboul, Robert Morey and Louise Laurent

Pipeline development for analysis of RNAseq data from single cells and cell populations from in vitro differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells
Robert Morey, Rathi Thiagarajan and Louise Laurent

Explorations, Statistical Inferencing, and Data Mining for GWAS on Gordon
Paul Rodriguez

Pegasus WMS: Enabling Large Scale Workflows on National CyberInfrastructure 
Karan Vahi, Ewa Deelman, Gideon Juve, Rajiv Mayani, Mats Rynge, Scott Callaghan and Philip Maechling

Practical Experience with Social Network Data for Analysis
Peter Molnar

Techniques for Image Alignment in the Neurosciences using XSEDE 
David Lee, Mark Ellisman, Shava Smallen and Ilkay Altintas

Bosco - A Simple Interface for managing jobs on both XSEDE and Campus computing resources
Derek Weitzel, Daniel Fraser, Miha Ahronovitz and Mats Rynge

Toward the Development of a Pipelined Data Movement with Globus Online
Mary Thomas, Raj Raj Kettimuthu, Christopher Paolini and Madhukar Yedulapuram

XSEDE Technology Investigation Service and XSEDE Technology Evaluation Database
Maytal Dahan, Daniel Lapine, J. Ray Scott, Derek Simmel and David Walling

High-Performance Computing in Undergraduate Operating Systems
David Monismith

Cluster Software Packages: Local Builds Supporting National Integration
Resa Alvord, Richard Knepper, James Ferguson

Graduate Student Posters

A Practical Study of Analyzing Community Evolution in Complex Networks     
Edward Agama, Constance Dellor and Hongmei Chi 

Secure Credential Sharing in Science Gateways    
Thejaka Amila Kanewala, Surresh Marru and Marlon Pierce 

Introducing PRECIP - Pegasus Repeatable Experiments for the Cloud in Python    
Sepideh Azarnoosh, Mats Rynge, Gideon Juve and Ewa Deelman

Twitter Bootstrap & AngularJS – Frontend Frameworks to expedite Science Gateway development    
Viknes Balasubramanee, Chathuri Wimalasena, Raminder Singh and Marlon Pierce  

Weak folding of Methionine-Enkephalin in Explicit Water: Structure vs. Function Indicators  
Shanadeen Begay and Thomas Keyes

Understanding the molecular mechanism of synergistic inhibition in the Hepatitis C virus (HCV) polymerase via a computational investigation of protein dynamics using temperature accelerated molecular dynamics (TAMD)    
Jodian Brown and Ian Thorpe

Identifying the role of sequence specificity in DNA binding of a new zinc finger protein involved in coordinate gene regulation
Jessica Chery, Marcela Soruco, Tina Xia-Peng, Trevor Siggers, Martha Bulyk and Erica Larschan

Parallel Acceleration Techniques on NASA Space Radiation Flux Estimation     
Frank Christiny and Liwen Shih

Academic Cyberinfrastructure Awareness    
Shawn Coleman, David Grider, Susan Laplante, Bipush Osti, Aseem Rambani and Ankit Shah 

A Visual Summary of nanoHUB.org Instant-On Runtime Estimation    
Ronald Cortese and Nathan Denny  

Molecular Modeling of Singlet Fission in Dye Sensitized Solar Cells    
Ulyana Cubeta, Edward Ko, Xiao Zhu and Hanning Chen    

The Integrative Model for Paralleism    
Diptorup Deb and Victor Eijkhout

Extensible Job Management in Apache Airavata    
Lahiru Ginnaliya Gamathige, Suresh Marru and Marlon Pierce 

Leveraging Prior State to Increase Performance of a Parallel Single-Source Breadth-First Search under Map/Reduce    
Brandon Haynes

Gailitis resonances and the long range correlation in positron-Hydrogen scattering system    
Chi Yu Hu and David Caballero  

XSEDE Campus Outreach in University of Nebraska-Lincoln    
Wayne Huang, Diane Baxter, David Swanson and Kay Hunt

Picture-Perfect Plate: A Culturally Relevant Mobile Health App
Melva James and Shaundra Daily

XSEDE: A New Dimension In Computational Chemistry    
Gonzalo Jimenez, Peng Liu and Ken N. Houk

An Interoperable Executive Library for Multi-Physics Simulations    
Andrew Kail and Kwai Wong  

Performance Evaluation of OpenMP Parallelized FDTD for the Simulation of Microwave/Nano-Optical Devices    
Ya-Chi Liu

LittleFe: The High Performance Computing Educational Appliance    
Mobeen Ludin, Aaron Weeden, Skylar Thompson, and Kristin Muterspaw 

Heavy Vehicle Viscous Pressure Drag Optimization
David Manosalvas and Antony Jameson

Studying the Effect of Numerical Noise on Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Enzymes    
Rahul Nori and Andreas Goetz

A high‐level framework for interactively adapting legacy applications for accelerators and coprocessors
Julio Olaya and Ritu Arora

Production of A Large Inclusive Heavy Flavor Particle Physics Monte Carlo Sample With Distributed Computing
Prabhakar Palni, S. Behari, I. Gorelov and S. Seidel

Implementation of High Throughput Computing for Direct Simulation Monte Carlo Methods
Devon Parkos

StorkCloud: Data Transfer as a Service    
Brandon Ross, Engin Arslan, Bing Zhang and Tevfik Kosar 

Tackling breast cancer gene regulation optimization using the Xanadu Cluster at University of Houston    
Victor Shum and Liwen Shih 

Automatic Failure Diagnosis and Decision Making Process for Self-Healing Systems    
Nitin Sukhija and Tomasz Haupt

Folding and Catalytic Structure of the Hammerhead Ribozyme from Replica Exchange Molecular Dynamics    
Jacob Swadling, David Wright and Melissa Romanus

Development of a testing framework for HPC Clusters    
Deepika Tharimana and Jerome Vienne

Accessing XSEDE Resources and Services to Run the parUCOAM Model Using a Cyberinfrastructure-Based Computational Environment    
Mary Thomas and Jose Castillo  

Solving Data Deluge Problems in Life Sciences using XSEDE Architectures and Gateways
Amit Upadhyay and Bhanu Rekepalli

Molecular dynamics of human estrogen receptor alpha (hERα) ligand binding domain mutants and their interaction with endocrine disruptive chemicals    
Jun Wang and Haihang You

Pluggable Scientific Workflow Steering Framework    
Saminda Wijeratne, Suresh Marru and Marlon Pierce 

Derivations from Science Gateway Data Management Survey    
Chathuri Wimalasena, Suresh Marru and Marlon Pierce

Bayesian Modeling in the Era of Big Data: the Role of High Throughput and High Performance Computing
Guohui Wu, Scott Holan and Christopher Wikle

I/O Analysis for the Community Multiscale Air Quality (CMAQ) Model
Cheng-En Yang, David Wong, Joshua S. Fu and Kwai Wong

Lark: Managing networks for High Throughput Computing
Zhe Zhang and Brian Bockelman

Duo Zhao and Tanya Clement

Using Blacklight to run statistical analyses of multiple order-constrained specifications of multiple decision theories in risky and inter-temporal choice    
Ying Guo, Shiau Hong Lim, Anna Popova, Michel Regenwetter, Jeff Stevens and Chris Zwilling   

Undergraduate Posters

Communicating XSEDE-Enabled Research to the Public    
Mariela Barrera and Samuel Moore

Prognostics for Electrolytic Capacitors in Critical Avionics Systems
Daniel Cuevas Vazquez, Jose Celaya and Chetan Kulkarni

LAMMPS based umbrella sampling of the free energy landscape in Sn alloys    
Anthony Frachioni

Arkansas Minority High Performance Computing Summer Camp (AM-HPC)    
Jessie Walker, Chirone Gamble, Xavier Bass, Lamario Smith, Josh Strong and Tiffany Macon

Using High-Performance Computing to Study the Earth's magnetosphere
Shobhit Garg, Vahe Peroomian and Mostafa El-Alaoui  

Virtual Screening to Try to Find Cures for Tuberculosis and Histoplasmosis    
Alex Gilley, Zachary Goodwyn, Jerome Mueller, Russell Ruud, David Toth, Jimmy Franco and Charlotte Berkes

CPU Monitoring Software for the LittleFe Compute Cluster    
Zachary Goodwyn and David Toth

Search for Goldilocks
Ferissa Lagasca, Yirong Liu, Michial Green Ii, Alejandro Ramirez Escanellas and Edward Thang  

Visualization of compressible turbulence and mixing generated by hydrodynamic instabilities    
Brian Leu, Parth Sheth, Albert Liu, Pooya Mohaved and Eric Johnsen

The Education of Tomorrow's Unix/Linux Systems Administrators    
Tyler Longwell, Isaac Traxler and Kathryn Traxler

The search for experimental designs with tens of variables    
Yaileen Mendez-Vazquez, Kasandra Ramírez-Rojas and Mauricio Cabrera-Rios 

Computational studies of croconic acid monomers and pentamers    
An Nguyen and Kimberly Cousins  

Visualizing Social Media Data    
Chanyang Park and Vetria Byrd   

Simulation of an Intrinsically Disordered Protein    
Joseph Passman, Nadeem Vellore, Riccardo Baron and David Goldenberg 

Developing a Culturally Relevant Mobile Application for Ecuador: Visualizing Cultural Elements    
Eduardo Luque, David Gomez, Martha Villacis, Nicolas Plaza and Jessie Walker 

Investigating the Performance of Select BLAS Functions that are Automatically Offloaded to Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessors    
Matt Swartz and Ryan Hulguin

Autonomous Mapping and Navigation through Utilization of Edge-based Optical Flow and Time-to-Collision    
Mike Wu, Madhu Krishnan, Young Kang and Sarah Lee      

High School Posters

Application of Color-recognition Algorithms in the Wide Galactic Field Survey from Planck Space Observatory    
Anoushka Bose

Visual Interface and Algorithmic Programming of a High-Precision Robotic Laser    
Jarrod Cingel

Influenza Receptor Mimicry By Antibody F045-092    
Camille Considine, Hannah Eherenfeldt, Samhita Palakodeti, Matthew Handmacher, Arman Sagart and Elyse Watson 

Healthcare at Home: Affordable Gait Analysis with Webcam and Lucas-Kanade Optical Flow    
William Hang

Computer-Generated Dynamic Virtual 3D Objects    
Chris Lu

Virtualizing OTP based two factor authentication to maximize scientific productivity    
Aditi Munshi and Ross Walker

Engaging High School Students in HPC    
Katherine Prutz, Eric Dilmore and Brad Burkman

Carbon Footprint of Molecular Dynamics Simulations    
Keshav Tadimeti, Andreas Goetz and Ross Walker

Baseball Analytics    
Jacob Todd, Natasha Balac and Nicole Wolter

Rapid Generation of Non-Mersenne Prime Numbers    
Michael Xu