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The XSEDE13 proceedings are available through ACM at http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=2484762

XSEDE13 - State of XSEDE
John Towns

Listed in alphabetical order by presentation title

Adaptive Latency-Aware Parallel Resource Mapping: Task Graph Scheduling - Heterogenous Network Topology
Liwen Shih

Bridging the Gap and Democratizing Scientific Research for Native Americans
Lee Bitsoi

Bringing the Wasp System Genomics Cyberecosystem to the Grid
John M. Greally

The Condo of Condos
Jim Bottum, Jim Pepin, Barr von Oehsen, Ruth Marinshaw, Alan Wolf, Jim Wilgenbusch, Maureen Dougherty, Steve Gordon, Dave Hudak, Julia Harrison, Steve Wolff, Wendy Huntoon, Henry Neeman, Josh Alexander

Development of Undergraduate and Graduate Programs in Computational Science
Peter Molnar, David Toth, Rachel Vincent-Finley

Enabling Large-scale Next-generation Sequence Assembly With Blacklight
Philip Blood, Brian Couger, Lenore Pipes

Enabling Phylogenetic Research via the CIPRES Science Gateway
Wayne Pfeiffer, Mark A. Miller, Terri Schwartz

Enabling Science Through Campus Bridging
Scott Michael

Enhancing the Performance of Scientific Workflow Execution in e-Science Environments by Harnessing the Standards based Parameter Sweep Model
Shahbaz Memon, Sonja Holl, Bernd Schuller, Andrew Grimshaw

Experiences in Building Globus Genomics Using Galaxy, Globus Online and AWS
Ravi K. Madduri,

Exploiting MapReduce and Data Compression for Data-intensive Applications
Guangchen Ruan, Hui Zhang, Beth Plale

Exploring Twitter Networks in Parallel Computing
Bo Xu, Yun Huang, Noshir Contractor

Fast Construction of Nanosecond Level Snapshots of Financial Markets
Jiading Gai, Dong Ju Choi, David O'Neal, Mao Ye, Robert Sinkovits

HPC University: Getting Information About Computational Science Professional and Educational Resources and Opportunities for Engagement
Scott Lathrop, Steve Gordon, Marcio Faerman, Ange Mason

Hadoop Deployment and Performance on Gordon Data Intensive Supercomputer
Mahidhar Tatineni, Rick Wagner, Eva Hocks, Christopher Irving, Jerry Greenberg

A High-Level Framework for Parallelizing Legacy Applications for Multiple Platforms
Ritu Arora

High Performance Computing Workflow for Protein Functional Annotation
Larissa Stanberry, Bhanu Rekepalli

High Volume Batch Submission System for Earthquake Engineering
Anup Mohan, Thomas Hacker, Gregory Rodgers

In-Situ Visualization for Global Hybrid Simulations
Homa Karimabadi, Patrick O'leary, Mahidhar Tatineni, Burlen Loring, Amit Majumdar, Berk Geveci

The Influence of an Applied Heat Flux on the Violence of Reaction of an Explosive Device
Jacqueline Beckvermit

Instances: Incorporating Computational Scientific Thinking Advances into Education and Science Courses
Rubin Landau, Raquell Holmes, NamHwa Kang, Greg Mulder, Sofya Borinskaya

An Investigation of the Effects of Error-Correcting Code on GPU-accelerated Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Ross C. Walker, Robin M. Betz

Large Memory High Performance Computing Enables Comparison Across Human Gut Microbiome of Patients with Autoimmune Diseases and Healthy Subjects
Larry Smarr, Harry E. Gruber, 

Low-temperature isomers of the water hexamer
Volodymyr Babin, Francesco Paesani

A Maya Use Case: Adaptable Scientific Workflows with ADIOS for General Relativistic Astrophysics
Magdalena Slawinska, Tanja Bode, Jeremy Logan, Michael Clark, Hongbo Zou, Matthew Kinsey, Matthew Wolf, Pablo Laguna, Scott Klasky

NCAR Storage Accounting and Analysis Possibilities
David L. Hart, Pam Gillman, Erich Thanhandt

National Center for Genome Analysis Support Leverages XSEDE Resources to Support Life Scientists
William K. Barnett, Richard LeDuc

A Neuroscience Gateway: Software and Implementation
Subhashini Sivagnanam, Kenneth Yoshimoto, Amaitava, Majumdar, Ted Carnevale, Vadim Astakhov, Maryann Martone, Anita Bandrowski

OSC OnDemand: A Web Platform Integrating Access to HPC Systems, Web and VNC Applications
Dave Hudak, Thomas Bitterman, Patricia Carey, Douglas Johnson, Eric Franz, Shaun Brady, Piyush Diwan

The Parallel System for Integrating Impact Models and Sectors (pSIMS)
Neil Best

Preliminary Experiences with the Uintah Framework on Intel Xeon Phi and Stampede
Qingyu Meng, Alan Humphrey, John Schmidt, Martin Berzins

Providing a Supported Online Course on Parallel Computing
Steven I. Gordon, James Demmel, Susan Mehringer, Jay Alameda, Razvan Carbunescu

Referee Consensus: A new enabling technology for computed tomography
Don Krieger, Malcolm McNeil, Jinyin Zhang, Xin Li, Walter Schneider, David O. Okonkwo, Catalin Trenchea, Bedda Rosario-Rivera, Jim Becker

Scalable Online Comparative Genomics of Mononucleosomes: A Big Job
Jack Smith, Melissa Romanus, Pradeep Mantha, Yaakoub Khamra, Shantenu Jha, Thomas Bishop

Scalable Spectral Transforms at Petascale
Dmitry Pekurovsky

Scalasca Support for Intel Xeon Phi
Brian Wylie, Wolfgang Frings, 

Scaling a Code in the Human Dimension
Matthew Turk

Seed Me: Your Results From Disk to Device
Amit Chourasia, Mona Wong-Barnum, Michael L. Norman

SocialMap Explorer: Visualizing Social Networks of Massively Multiplayer Online Games in Temporal-Geographic Space
Y. Dora Cai, Iftekhar Ahmed, Andrew Pilney, Channing Brown, Yannick Atouba, M. Scott Poole

'Spring through the Gateway' -- Deploying Genomic Workflows with XSEDE
David Rhee, R. Brent Calder, Kevin Shieh, Joseph Hargitai, Pilib O Broin, Aaron Golden

A Sustainable National Gateway For Biological Computation
James Taylor, Anton Nekrutenko, Nate Coraor, Philip D. Blood, Alex Ropelewski, Zhihui Zhang, Josephine Palencia, Sergiu Sanielevici, Jared Yanovich, Robert Budden

Transforming Biosciences through Advancements in Computing and Data Analytics
Mark Adams, Alex Dickinson, Don Jones, Darryl Leon, Glen Otero, Nicholas Schork, Kevin Patrick

US-SOMO Cluster Methods: Year One Perspective
Emre Brookes, Raminderjeet Singh, Marlon Pierce, Suresh Marru, Borries Demeler, Mattia Rocco

Using Gordon to Accelerate LHC Science
Brian Bockelman, Rick Wagner

Using XDMoD to Facilitate XSEDE Operations, Planning and Analysis
Thomas Furlani, Barry I. Schneider, Matthew D. Jones, John Towns, David L. Hart, Steven M. Gallo, Robert L. DeLeon, Charng-Da Lu, Amin Ghadersohi, Ryan J. Gentner, Abani K. Patra, Gregor von Laszewksi, Fugang Wang, Jeffrey T. Palmer, Nikolay Simakov

XSEDE-enabled High-throughput Caries Lesion Activity Assessment
Hui Zhang, Guangchen Ruan, Hongwei Shen, Michael Boyles, Huian Li, Masatoshi Ando

The XSEDE Ticket System: From Concept to Implementation
Michael Campfield