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Modeling and Analysis Challenge

Teams of students will work to build a model of a scientific phenomenon to understand its behavior and simulate a range of conditions.  Team members will be challenged to understand the underlying model and the simplifications it makes concerning the real system, to write and test the computer codes that are needed to solve the problem, and to add additional sophistication to the models to relax some of the assumptions, improve the user interface to the code, and validate the code against real data or more sophisticated models.

The coding will be undertaken using the open source mathematical programming software suite called SAGE.  Students participating in this challenge are strongly encouraged to take the half-day "Introduction to Modeling in Sage" tutorial on Monday, July 14, if they are not familiar with modeling methodology, the SAGE software suite or its close relative, Python.

Awards will be given to the top three teams based on the quality of their code, analysis, project additions, and report quality.  The competition will be held for the full day on Tuesday July 15.  Interested students can be entered as a full team or be assigned to a team with a mix of backgrounds in science and computer science knowledge.

To sign up for the challenge each student should fill out the signup form on SurveyMonkey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/QTKLK53. There will be a box for listing your teammates of a full or partial team.  All team members must register for XSEDE14. There is no additional cost to participate in this event.

See if your team has what it takes to out model the pro-am team made up of Campus Champions.


Information will be posted in the coming weeks, please check back regularly and follow XSEDE on Twitter (@XSEDEscience) and on Facebook (Facebook.com/XSEDEscience).