XSEDE16 Award Winners

Award Title Author
The Phil Andrews Best Technology Paper  Jetstream – Performance, Early Experiences, and Early Results  Craig A. Stewart
David Y. Hancock
Matthew Vaughn
Jeremy Fisher
Tim Cockerill
Lee Liming
Nirav Merchant
Therese Miller
John Michael Lowe
Daniel Stanzione
James Taylor
Edwin Skidmore
Best Software and Software Environments Paper   TopoLens: Building A CyberGIS Community Data Service for Enhancing the Usability of High-resolution National Topographic Datasets  Hao Hu
Xingchen Hong
Jeff Terstriep
Yan Y. Liu
Michael P. Finn
Johnathan Rush
Jeffrey Wendel
Shaowen Wang
Best Overall Poster Developing a Decision Support System for Breast Cancer Detection on Mammograms Using Image Processing and Machine Learning Nuh Alpaslan
Mahmudur Rahman
Best Graduate Student Poster
Efficient Seismic Modeling Using Poroelastic Approach
Khemraj Shukla
Jan S Hesthaven
Priyank Jaiswal
Best Undergraduate Student Poster  Analysis of Random Alloy Nanoparticles as Catalysts for Oxygen Reduction Reactions  Fatima Al-Quaiti
Juliana Duncan
Benjamin Corona
Christopher Lee
Esteban Treviño
Graeme Henkelman
Best Workforce Development and Diversity Paper  Assisting Bioinformatics Programs at Minority Institutions: Needs Assessment, and Lessons Learned -A Look at an Internship Program  Gonzalez Mendez
Pallavi Ishwad
Jimmy Torres
Hugh B Nicholas, Jr.
Alexander Ropelewski
Best Accelerating Discovery Paper  Image Analysis and Infrastructure Support for Data Mining the Farm Security Administration – Office of War Information Photography Collection  Marcus Slavenas
Paul Rodriguez
Alan Craig
Elizabeth Wuerffel
Jeffrey Will
Best Student Paper  Improving the Scalability of a Charge Detection Mass Spectrometry Workflow Scott McClary
Robert Henschel
Abhinav Thota
Holger Brunst
Benjamin Draper