About XSEDE16

XSEDE16, the 5th annual conference, will showcase the discoveries, innovations, challenges, and achievements of those who use and support XSEDE resources and services, as well as other digital resources and services throughout the world.


  • Kelly Gaither

    General Chair

  • Greg Peterson

    Vice Chair

  • Janet McCord

    Finance Chair
    Logistics Co-Chair

  • Julie Wernert

    Logistics Co-Chair

  • Trey Breckenridge

    Special Programs and
    Society Liaison Chair

  • Melyssa Fratkin

    Sponsorship Chair

  • Chris Hempel

    Program Chair

  • Paul Navratil

    Tech Program Chair

  • Rosalia Gomez

    Student Programs Chair

  • Linda Akli

    Diversity Chair

  • Faith Singer-Villalobos

    Communications Chair

  • Karla Gendler

    Project Management Chair

Technical Program Committee

Tech Program Chair: Paul Navratil

Tech Program Co-Chair: Bob Sinkovits

Accelerating Discovery Track Chair: Nitin Sukhija

Proceedings Chair: Dave Hart

Software Track Chair: Maytal Dahan

Tutorials Chair: Marcela Madrid

Workforce Development and Diversity Track Chair: Alana G. Romanella

Poster Chair: Amy Schuele

Postor Co-Chair: Peter Enstrom

BoF Chair: Sergiu Sanielevici

Visualization Showcase Chair: Rob Sisneros

Logistics and Local Arrangements

Logistics Co-Chair: Janet McCord

Logistics Co-Chair: Julie Wernert

Networking and Security Co-Chair: Tim Boerner

Networking and Security Co-Chair:  Tom Hutton

Campus Engagement Chair: TBD

Social Media Chair: Travis Tate

Program Chair: Chris Hempel

Communications Chair: Faith Singer-Villalobos

Communications Co-Chair: Travis Tate