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batch renaming files already on Ranch

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batch renaming files already on Ranch
11/3/15 8:27 PM
Hi all,

I have several directories of files already on Ranch archival storage that I need to batch-rename in order to run them efficiently through some code. Some of my files have spaces in them, and others have information in the incorrect order for processing.

A couple of examples: I would like to rename the directory (and all the files therein) 'CENTER1 20150825' to 'CENTER1_20150825', and the directory (and contents) '20150606 EALA-01' to EASTLA1_20150606'.

Can I batch rename using ssh from my terminal? Do I need to stage all the files in order to rename them and then archive them all again? We're talking ~8TB of data, so staging and re-uploading would NOT be a trivial process.

I suppose I could also just wait until I actually pull them out of Ranch into Stampede for my actual computing, and rename them then. But if there is a simple way to rename that doesn't involve re-uploading them all, it'd be nice to take care of it en masse.

I am fairly new to the unix shell, so I may need more annotation than the average XSEDE user to understand the process.