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A Very Simple Project

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A Very Simple Project
2/26/16 9:46 PM

I have been doing research for my college, and I was assigned by my professor to use the resources of this website. I have never heard of this website before, so this is extremely new to me.

It is very simple what I'm trying to accomplish. I have a single file of data in CSV format and a few R scripts to process the data.

However, after making an account on this website I am overwhelmed by everything going on, and nothing seems to be very straight-forward. Where do I upload my data? is it under "data management" or "allocations"? And even if I found where I'm supposed to be, how do I do it? Do I have to download/install modules, or can I run it off of the website?

In other words, exactly what is relevant on this site to my very small, simple, narrow project?

Brevity and clarity would be appreciated,


RE: A Very Simple Project
2/26/16 10:50 PM as a reply to Nathan Scott Goedeke.
Hi Nathan,

Thanks for taking the time to post on the user forums. We are continually working to improve our user documentation and specifically helping those that are totally new to the XSEDE environment find their place.

One good start is the Getting Started Guide:

So now that you have a portal account set up, what you need to do next is request a startup allocation. Startup allocations require minimum documentation, are reviewed all year long, and are valid for one year.

You can get a startup allocation by going here:

Under 'Opportunities' you will see a startup.

Also on this page:

There is an video training for those new to XSEDE.

For example both Stampede and Wrangler are XSEDE resources that support R.

Hope this helps!


RE: A Very Simple Project
2/27/16 12:55 AM as a reply to Maytal Dahan.

Thank you so much for responding so quickly.

My professor has added me to his allocation, so I don't think I need to worry about that step.

I have been perusing through the user guide, but so far it seems hard to tell what is relevant to my project and what isn't. That is, there isn't anything there that is explicitly recognizable as something that I need to do. It mentions "running jobs", "virtual clusters" and "GPU nodes", for instance, and as I have very little idea what these mean, I can only assume that is not something that concerns me.

The tutorials you link look like very helpful resources, but in a terse inspection they seem to only talk about how to make scripts themselves (I have already made the R scripts on my own computer and tested them). It doesn't explain how I use them on this site.
If I have more time later I'll try to look more in depth in the tutorials to see if it mentions something useful to me along the way.

You mentioned that Stampede is a resource that supports R. That's great! Do I have to download Stampede from some part of the site, or do I use it from my own user portal? Or is there some way I have to use the allocation my professor added me to?

In summary, it seems like there is a lot of information on how to request an allocation, but not much as to what I do now I'm added to an allocation.