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python memory error on comet

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python memory error on comet
11/13/16 9:34 AM
Hi, I am a new Xsede user, so sorry if this is a dumb question. I am using the comet cluster. I am getting a memory error in python for loading a 1.3 GB file even through there is more than enough memory in the system. I checked that I am also using the 64 bit version of python in the comet cluster. Is there a system check that stops an application from using too much memory and restricts the usage? Thanks.

RE: python memory error on comet
6/19/20 7:04 AM as a reply to Ashish Agrawal.
A memory error means that your program has ran out of memory. If you get an unexpected MemoryError and you think you should have plenty of RAM available, it might be because you are using a 32-bit python installation. This could be caused by either the 2GB per program limit imposed by Windows (32bit programs), or lack of available RAM on your computer. The easy solution, if you have a 64-bit operating system, is to switch to a 64-bit installation of python. The issue is that 32-bit python only has access to ~4GB of RAM. This can shrink even further if your operating system is 32-bit, because of the operating system overhead.