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What is campus bridging to you?

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What is campus bridging to you?
campus bridging
10/11/11 10:09 PM
Below is a draft explanation of campus bridging.

Please ad your comments about what campus bridging means to you!

What is Campus Bridging?

The challenge
Researchers, educators, and students have access to a wealth of digital resources, from the desktop to the campus to large national programs like XSEDE.

Currently it can be challenging to move among these various “cyberinfrastructures.” A chemist may become an expert at using her campus-level resources, but feel as though she’s starting from scratch when she’s ready to scale up to use larger resources through XSEDE. And her challenges will not be precisely those faced by a colleague at another institution, because each campus infrastructure is different—and researchers are moving to XSEDE from many, many diverse local systems.

How do we lower adoption barriers and build bridges so computational scientists and engineers are empowered to use any of the resources at their disposal?

The goal of XSEDE’s Campus Bridging initiative is to make it easier to leverage diverse computing resources and various cyberinfrastructures.

“The idea is to allow any researcher to use local cyberinfrastructure and XSEDE as though they were peripherals to their laptop.” -- Craig Stewart, Indiana University

Not just a project, a worldview
Campus Bridging is more than a single project—it’s a way of thinking about access to digital resources. XSEDE Campus Bridging co-leads Craig Stewart and Jim Ferguson will work to keep the entire XSEDE team thinking about this philosophy: Moving between local and national resources should not be an insurmountable challenge for researchers but instead should be a smooth path to increased productivity.

Campus Bridging efforts will include:
• Working with the XSEDE Architecture team to pilot use of GFFS, which enables communities to plug their file-systems into an XSEDE-wide global file-system that can be transparently accessed from XSEDE and non-XSEDE resources.
• Advising campus-level IT staff on configuring their local resources in ways that will improve the transition to XSEDE
• Helping Campus Champions to effectively communicate with their campus colleagues
• Serving as a conduit for feedback to XSEDE leadership