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(CFP) Campus Bridging Early Adopter Call For Proposals

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For folks who are interested in the Early Adopter Program for Campus Bridging, we have additional information about the program and a sample proposal for people to look at.

The dates for sending Early Adopter proposals to are Dec 1-9. Winning proposals will be notified by Monday, Dec 19.

Proposals will be evaluated with the following criteria:
Technical merit (corresponds to intellectual merit of NSF proposal):
  • Will the proposed project provide a good and thorough test of the capabilities that XSEDE GFFS offers?
  • Is the proposing team well qualified to offer critiques back to XSEDE about GFFS and the GFFS installers?
  • Does the clarity of the proposal instill confidence that pilot project can be well executed on the proposer's campus?

Broader impact:
  • Will the proposed project likely lead to broader adoption of GFFS on campus - and how many end users might be affected?
  • Does current/past use of XSEDE (and before it TeraGrid) suggest that the pilot will lead to immediate impact on current users of XSEDE?
  • And if not, is there a solid case that this pilot will lead to broader use of XSEDE on the proposing campus?
  • To what extent does the proposing team anticipate serving students from traditionally underserved groups (as defined by NSF)

Proposals are expected to deliver actionable user experiences back to the Architecture team within 6 months of initiating the Early Adopter Program.

For information about what should go into your Early Adopter proposal, please see the attached sample. You can also see a copy of the original CFP.
Attachments: Campus_Bridging_Early_Adopters_CFP.pdf (201.8k), IU_Early_Adopter_Proposal_DRAFT.doc (41.0k)