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Allocation end date extension

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Allocation end date extension
7/31/21 7:50 PM
Hello everyone!

I have a question related to the allocation's expiration period. My research group is using the computational recourses on both Bridges and Expanse clusters. However, we will be not able to use all the recourses by the allocation deadline which is September 30. Is there a way to extend the allocation deadline period so we can continue using our recourses instead of writing a new allocation proposal?

Thank you for your time and consideration.



RE: Allocation end date extension
7/31/21 8:18 PM as a reply to Iana Volvach.
Hello Iana,

It is possible to extend an allocation, you will want to go to the XSEDE Allocation submission site:

there you should see your current allocation along with a blue Action button, select this and you should see the option for Extension.

Hope this helps.

Ken Hackworth
XSEDE Allocations